Why the hell would you…?

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Funny you should ask, really. I was actually raised by all three. Family dinners, as you might imagine, were a nightmare.

“Dinner is served,” squawked my mum, heaving a slab of raw meat onto the dining table. “Merry Christmas.”

There was the usual silence. A pause. A strained smile from my dad. “It looks … succulent,” he said. “Let’s dig in.”

Instantly my mum tore into the strips of meat with hooked claw wings, and the room filled with the sounds of her grinding her beak and swallowing. My robrother and I stared at the meal. 

“You know, it’s good to have you all back home,” said my dad, half-shouting over the noise. He had taken on a friendly-looking human form for the dinner. He only ever revealed his true form when he was really angry. Like the time he found my robrother shut down, lying next to three empty bottles of fuel ethanol. “The family back together again,” he said after we didn’t reply, “just like we’re supposed to be. You know, I know we don’t see each other often. And I know I’m often away. But I want us to be together as often as possible. I just want you guys to know that ultimately, everything I do I do for you guys, so that when we’re together –“

A phone rang, an odd series of unnatural beeps and buzzes. My mum stopped eating. The ringtone again: my dad winced. “Ooooh,” he said, “I gotta take this one guys, sorry. Important business. Gotta keep the meat on the table, eh?” He teleported away, his fork clattering to the floor. Probably off to CX-419, a planetoid in the Centauri system. I glanced at my robrother. We both knew what ‘business’ probably meant at a time like this. Some exotic four-headed female life-form.  image

Another silence. I took out my phone, my other hand forking a slab of meat dejectedly. Another silence.

“Texting your boyfriend again?” mum squawked, taking her bitterness at my dad out on me. It always amazed me how much condescension she could convey without vocal cords. “Phones at dinner, always. Why can’t we just have a simple conversation, Celia?”

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That’s actually a theory incorporated into M-theory (string theory)

Sorry, I just used the word theory three times. 

Basically, there is a possibility, if string theory is correct and atoms are actually made up of tiny strings vibrating in 10 dimensions, we could have infinite parallel universes inside each and every quark contained in our body. We’re huge to them, and tiny to the universe WE are contained in. 

How bout that? There could be billions upon trillions of creatures, things, worlds, inside each atom inside us. Infinite universes in one quark. 

Mia your geek is showing.

This is why I study physics.

…whoah. brb, contemplating this forever.

So does that mean that when we die all those billions of universes and creatures die within us?


I knew I am a god

I fucking knew it

holy crap that is like world-ception

Dude what if stories and characters are real living in one of the many universes in the mind of the author. The author just happens to be in touch with them in someway.


This is where our characters live.

these are my legit beliefs.

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Authentic College App Essays: Q: “How can we unlearn the practices of inequality? In other words, how do we increase our capacities not just to act...


Eliminating racism is a noble aim, but it ignores the true obstruction to equality: friendship and family. These disgusting discriminations are practiced by almost every member of society, everywhere, and are so pervasive and pernicious we hardly notice them – but ignorance is no…

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There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!

The Last Bookstore
Los Angeles, California


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"Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls. The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches."

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You know sometimes I say things I don’t mean, just for you to refute me and tell me I’m wrong. Things like I don’t think publishing a book is a big deal. Things that I’m quite proud of. But you don’t get the hint and you always agree with me. You may think it’s for my good to tell me the truth, but actually deep down I know the truth, I just need encouragement.

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it’s not that i don’t trust you it’s that i don’t trust myself

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wtfstuck asked you:


Iceland used to be my fav!! And I remember being really alone in hetalia fandom cause I liked ships that no one cared about ahahwawjwww:;;

Iceland is still my favourite! Xd



Iceland used to be my fav!! And I remember being really alone in hetalia fandom cause I liked ships that no one cared about ahahwawjwww:;;

Iceland is still my favourite! Xd

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